Trusc offers a wide range of services catering for the needs of all types of businesses. Our high speed globally connected voice and data network positions us as the ideal choice of service provider. High speed VPN inter office connections Hosted and onsite PBX systems Always on Internet & Email services Data Centre & Cloud hosting Specialised IT support Extended support hours Dedicated account manager

Network Services

Our MPLS enabled network provides us the ability to offer our clients high speed inter office VPN connections with low latency back haul, ideally suited to VOIP communication and video streaming. Our network connects via high capacity Fibre Optic cables to local South African peering points. International interconnection is provided via multiple undersea cables for the lowest latency and excellent redundancy. Trusc is a fully licensed Telecoms operator with numbering allocations from ICASA. We have interconnects with all the major operators in South Africa ensuring you the customer the best quality calls at the most affordable rates.


Make a phone call, connect to the Internet or update your Facebook status. Our consumer network offers high priority social networking and streaming. Get connected wherever you are at a price that suits your budget. Super fast Internet & Email VOIP telephone service Specialised IT support Extended support hours