Johan van der Merwe

Johan van der Merwe

Branch: Vredendal
T: 0870200000
C: 0723996607

For most people, sales doesn’t sound very interesting. For me, sales are a passion I’ve been chasing for 12 years. Most recently, my work landed me a position with Trusc where I’m focused on Customer Satisfaction and I guess you could say I’m living the dream. My journey started back in 2009 at Toyota. I was in the sales department for Parts where I worked my way up as a Professional Parts Salesman as well as a Parts Master and in 2011 in vehicle sales I worked as a certified Sales Executive. In 2013 my journey continued to Volkswagen where I was in the Vehicle Sales as an International Certified Sales Executive for almost 6 years. 2020, my journey in Trusc took off and I am loving it. Making a customer happy by selling such a brilliant company to them, is what drives me.

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